Welcome To Kona Pony Coffee


Kona Pony Coffee!

We are currently sold out of coffee until the fall 2015 harvest is ready for roasting, about November 1st. Thank you for your support and looking forward to sharing our coffee with you this fall!

Nestled at 1500 feet up the slopes of the Hualalai Volcano is Summertime Farm Kona, where we grow 100% Kona coffee - Kona Pony Coffee!

Our coffee is hand picked when it is fully red and totally ripe, a process that starts in mid summer and continues clear through winter and into early spring. We sell estate coffee, meaning all of the coffee comes from our farm. It is never sprayed or treated by chemical insecticides or fumigated.

Sun dried, freshly roasted and shipped directly to you - fine 100% estate grown Kona coffee!

Come visit and enjoy Kona Pony Coffee!